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Why you might want marketing help

 Do you want to make more of your gifts and offer them to more people? Do you want your efforts to contribute to your life financially? Do you want your spiritual new age work to become your main / only source of income? 

Great, but at an earthly level you need to be doing the practical human things that allow fate, destiny and your missions a chance to succeed. This is called marketing. The people you are meant to be helping need to find you! Help them to do so. The problem is that the new age movement is a difficult area to work in as it is largely unknown by many people and those interested in it are few in numbers. The needs and behaviour of new age people are different from mainstream groups too and need to be understood. In many industries people receive training and support in how to get customers. Franchises are an example of this. In the new age industry it is possible to get all kinds of training to be therapists and healers but they almost never give marketing support or training. This is why many trained healers / therapists often revert to teaching others as they found it impossible to find clients themselves!

 Do you want help from someone who has learnt to overcome these problems? 

Why I want to help

I have been successful in working in the new age movement for the last 19 years but I have seen many wonderful and talented clients who have been unsuccessful in offering their gifts to the world. Often this is because their marketing skills and efforts have not been good enough. Many open hearted and spiritual people often lack the practical and business skills needed. The truth is that it is often not enough to be amazing as a healer etc, you also have to be good at the mundane and practical things in this world as well! Having witnessed legions of potentially good therapists fail to make their dreams a reality, I have often wanted to help. And so here it is – I will share what I have learnt to help others in marketing. I hope that I can help you.  

Paul’s Experience

Over the past 19 years I have been a Healer, Channel, Crystal Therapist, Energy Worker, Spiritual Writer and an International Workshop Leader. I have needed to use different marketing strategies for each category. As such I know what works and what does not work in different therapies and with different modalities.  

Paul’s Marketing Successes

Arranged over 300 of my new age workshops worldwide
Consistent No 1 Worldwide Google Ranking for a variety of key words
Worked with 1000’s of clients
High level of earnings
Self published 5 books
Worked with clients in over 25 countries 


The difference between success and failure in attracting enough people to your business can depend on small details in marketing choices.


3 little letters that  propelled my business from nothing to a success on an international level. 

What makes you and your services different or note worthy?

What makes you and your services unique and note worthy? If you are different you stand out.

Paul's Services


Weekly New Age Marketing Newsletter

 This newsletter will share the best Golden Nuggets of knowledge I have discovered about marketing approaches that work and reflect the realities of the new age movement. Each week a new Nugget will be sent via email and gives the opportunity to work with it before the next one is sent. The cost of this is £10.00pm ($12-$13pm)  and you can unsubscribe at any time.  

Your Marketing Review

 A Focused Review of your marketing efforts and the best options going forward. You will need to complete a short questionnaire and I will produce a short and focused written report giving suggestions based on your circumstances. The cost of this is £99.00 (about $127). This is an email service and does not involve any appointments, phone calls or skype sessions. 

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